Mitchiner's Last Stand
On to Survivor, Bachelor (ette), MMA Fights

Naked Author VS Jason Ellis Saga
1)Fate brought me on the Jason Ellis Show on 4/24/08...
2)Destiny lead me to write my books and continues to push me along this unforgiving journey...
3)True Love is what inspires me in all that I do and who I long to share all of the spoils of which may or may not come my way...
UPDATE: 7/4/11
1) I don't care about fighting with Jason Ellis, Baba Booby Booey, or Guido Fisting Penis Pumping Guidos like Snookie.  Anyone that makes it in the Entertainment world my hat goes off to you.
2) All that I accomplish and gain through my hard work and all that inspires me is my son, the only person in my life that truly gives me unconditional love without even trying. 
3) I have chosen the path that I am on, fate and destiny had nothing to do with it, "everything happens for a reason" is bullshit.  I am the reason for all that is happening.
Naked Author- Jason William Mitchiner
I'm putting together my best Survivor and Bachelor (ette) audition tapes over the summer and will submit them in the Fall for 2012 Season.  Then I'm fighting as many MMA Fights as I can starting in September.