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Will I ever become known for my books as the serious author,
Jason William Mitchiner or will I only be known from my gimmick
as the Naked Author? Follow me on my blog, and read what I go through being the Naked Author - Jason William Mitchiner.
Survivor Audition
Here it is, That's all HE wrote, my 4th book
My One Shot arrived...December 9th, 530pm NYC I met with the senior producer for ABC Bachelor(ette).
I seized the moment on December 9th, I read a passage about True Love from my first book and I told my story to the producers of ABC.  I got their interest and excitement about me and they wanted my book, That's all HE wrote which I gave them.  I did it; I took my books from the streets hustling them to the hands of the ABC producers.  The Bachelorette will be moving on without me.  Ladies and Gentlemen I've given all of my mind, body, and soul to try and accomplish my dreams of signing a book deal for my books that I have written and future books.  If anything happens from this point on it is out of my hands...this has been a hell of a journey. 
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